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Latasha Starks

Founder & CEO
New Heights Dental Billing

As a leader and recognized expert in the dental billing industry, Latasha Starks has founded and leads New Heights Dental Billing, providing extensive expertise to support the success of both clients and patients alike. With over two decades in the industry, Latasha leads from the front in all aspects of the business. She leverages her unique insights in work with dental billing, collections, and office support, ensuring patients get the benefits they deserve, and dental professionals are appropriately compensated for the care they provide. Because of her proven track record of success, she has earned the respect of her clients and peers alike.

Latasha is a native of Chicago and a longtime resident of Florida. She was instilled with strong character values and a tireless work ethic from an early age. Latasha knew she wanted to enter the dental industry in some capacity and focused her efforts on that goal. She was formally trained as a dental assistant but instead was hired as a dental receptionist. Immediately, she discovered her instincts for the administrative aspects of the dental industry and quickly embraced those skills and grew her career. Ultimately, she went back to school and completed her degree in business administration. She continues to this day to pursue continuing education coursework and leverage her expertise and grow her skill sets, mastering every aspect of dental administration and leadership.
She has worked with various notable dental professionals throughout her career, supporting their practice and the patients they serve. Most notably, she has improved the insurance collections for all the practices to over 100% and established a highly successful call center for another dental group. Latasha has held numerous and various positions across her career trajectory and found success in every endeavor. She took on the toughest challenges and leveraged her skills to achieve results that exceeded expectations. Because of her successful career, Latasha was inspired to become an entrepreneur and pursue success with New Heights Dental Billing.
Latasha is a committed community member and gives back through charitable efforts to those less fortunate. She is an avid supporter of St. Jude’s and regularly donates to various shelters throughout the community.

In her free time, she is a loving wife and devoted mother of three children. She is passionate about the culinary arts and enjoys preparing a wide variety of cuisines. Her quiet time includes peaceful walks in the park and enjoying her quality time with Seymour, her chocolate Labrador. 

Laura Ahern

Director of Operations
New Heights Dental Billing

With over two decades of experience as a leading expert in the customer service industry, Laura has developed a talent for cultivating great relationships, improving communications, and exceeding customer expectations. Laura has over 15 years of experience in Dentistry, during which she has mastered all aspects of running a dental office. She has extensive experience managing dental insurance billing, collections, and appeals, patient accounting and billing, office credentialing, consulting, and marketing, as well as office personnel and human resources.
Laura is passionate about creating great relationships; She understands the value of office personnel in the overall success of a business, and feels patient and team satisfaction are of the utmost importance. Earning a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology from Penn State has instilled Laura with the skills necessary to motivate team members and achieve objectives. Her additional experience implementing I/O Psychology in the dental offices has enabled her to improve overall work environments, performance, communication, and professional satisfaction. These leadership, management, and personnel skills are why Laura is recognized as a top expert in the dental industry.
Over the course of her career, Laura has contributed to dental offices all over the country, improving office and patient relations, increasing office revenue, and taking office success to new heights. Her many years in the dental industry have allowed her to learn firsthand how to create outstanding results for the office, staff, and patients alike. “We don’t truly win unless we win together.”
Laura excels at creating positive outcomes through cohesively merging your current team with members of our team. She believes that ultimate success comes from clearly understanding our client’s needs, turning our hybrid team into a smoothly functioning united front, and maintaining positive ongoing communications to ensure that our team continues to meet your ongoing needs. Her goal is to create a great foundation that will serve your office for years to come.”

Providing excellent dental care is our objective

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high performance in Dentistry

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High-quality dental aesthetics

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"Smile again"
Perfect smile

We connect ideal dentists to their potential patients

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the best rated dentist near you

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Our mission
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our prices
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