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We provide dental billing services
to help your practice reach New Heights!

New Heights Dental Billing provides billing solutions to dental offices all over the country. We not only track our clients’ receivables, but increase receivables while operating with a high level of efficiency.
We offer 35 years’ worth of combined experience to help your office operate at its highest level. We specialize in accounts receivable, insurance, and dental practice management.

Do Less and Get More!
Let New Heights Dental Billing support you with our dental billing solutions.
As a dental office, your goal is to create great patient relationships, office outstanding care, and to be financially abundant as a result. Often, one or many of these areas can suffer without experienced professionals handling the time-consuming insurance and account management.
How do we know? We have spent our careers observing, identifying, and resolving these specific problems. As office managers, we were able to recognize the challenge of achieving all of these goals at an outstanding level. A dental practice never wants to operate at a mediocre level. They want to excel and create great experiences in every area, from patient care to financial discussions. Our support allows us to focus on the challenge of insurance collections and account receivables, so that you can focus on providing the highest level of care and connection with your patients.

Our Mission

Our mission can be summed up in three main points:

"Solutions for dentists"
Perfect customized support
We achieve our mission by providing our dentists and their team with the customized support they need. Our ideal clientele are dental professionals who share in our mission and have a strong desire to take their practice to New Heights. By sharing this common goal, we can achieve incredible things!

We offer a variety of services to help provide our clients with the specific help they are in need of.

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